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The Alexa NYC

Irresistible Perfection and Superiority

I have always known that there was a special power about me that made most weak in the knees. I love using that to my advantage; enjoying all aspects of the power struggle. I am a very creative and talented individual who finds fulfillment in toying with the high-powered man in control of his daily life who yearns to submit mentally, emotionally and physically to me; someone whom he's idealized his whole life and didn't know she actually existed...

I stand 5'10" barefoot, and over 6'4" in my favorite stilettos. (If you have to ask, just take a look at the soles.) I love being treated like the Goddess I am and being cruel in return. I am considered a natural beauty, the combination of my statuesque physique, creative talents and intelligence commands worship. I have the confidence and positivity that inspires many, all with an outward appearance of elegance and an inner sadistic streak.

As one of the top Domina's in New York City, I invite you to give me a call so we can discuss the importance of many BDSM topics that are of interest to you and myself, as well as getting deeper into the mindset that will help you understand a truly incredible journey. The listings on niteflirt that are for Dominant women who "offer" no limits in terms of discussion or taboos I find not to be truly Dominant women... but ones catering to you. Calling me will be different in that once you read these words, you'll be so drawn to hear just who writes them... to see if my voice is just as powerful as my prose or my eyes... Once I decide to take over, there is no turning back....

Want to see it's really Me? here is the url for My on cam listing:

you'll either catch Me getting ready to go out for a night in NYC, or maybe coming back from the gym... you'll see the true states of a natural beauty such as myself and pay for the honor.

$25 Goddess Compliment

$50 Goddess Applause

$100 Purchase My Pedicure

$200 Bar tab flirting up a storm on your dime!

$500 Goddess Tribute

$900 Pair of Shoes

Even when I am not signed online to chat, you can always hear My stunning voice on the other end of the line with these recordings:

Hear about My mental connection to BDSM and why I believe it's the most important aspect of a true D/s relationship: $4.99/minute, 5 minute recording

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This recording gives you a personal glimpse into the connection between My mental and creative processes as an artist and Domina. $4.99/minute, 8 minute recording.

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