Phone Sex

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Domina Bianca Lawless

of Philadelphia & Beyond

Dominant men... What is sexier than an inherently submissive woman giving her body, mind and spirit for you to use in whatever way you please, begging you to torture her, only to guide her to that place where she is in absolute psychological nirvana? In My experience, I would have to say, an inherently Dominant Woman, who--GASP!--possesses a relentless masochistic streak.

As a lifestyle and professional Dominant trained first as a willing submissive, I am keenly aware that I do, in fact, enjoy submitting all control to a strong, sadistic, capable Dominant. And although I no longer assume the role of submissive, and certainly not to any Alpha male figure, I must admit that it is a dwelling fantasy of mine. One that will never become reality, but that which I am willing (and eager) to talk about with a competent Dom on the phone.

Be warned: I am first and foremost a Dominant Woman, and therefore I have turned into quite the bratty sub... I will whine, push your buttons, and top from the bottom to test your skill... but once you have me, you have all of me, if only in this realm of fantasy that we have created for ourselves... My interests as a submissive lie in the sheer sadism of an alluring Dom.

Your interests should number among:

Corporal Punishment (beginning light, inevitably ending in blood)
Electrotorture (TENS, violet wand, ErosTek)
Heavy, invasive Medical (sick and deranged medical role plays are a bizarre fetish of mine)
Sensory Deprivation
Stringent Bondage
Forced Orgasms

...& these are only the beginning.

Please do not call this line with fantasies of sexual intercourse, or oral/manual stimulation (on YOU) of any kind. I have a line for those who wish to fantasize about sexual encounters with Me, in Fantasy>Kinky Wives. This line is for conversation regarding traditional BDSM practices, NOT vanilla sex!