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Loser It's Time To Accept Your Place in The World

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I am a Goddess you are the swine; we all have a place in this great World of ours, mine is to be worshiped like the hot piece of ass that I am. I'm the girl on Campus that all the boys and the girls wish they could fuck. I'm an athlete, I do it for fun. I've been running circles around idiots like you drooling and rubbing themselves in the fields over my hot sweaty body, my beautiful long legs and my pert tits with their long hard nipples. But do you know what I love more than running? Going over there as they just finish creaming in their panties holding out my hand and making them fork over everything in their wallets. Now with access to the internet and hundreds of thousand pathetic wannabe men like yourself I can live freely and in absolute comfort because it's what I deserve. I am a high maintenance girl, extreme luxury is what my taste buds crave and with cash cows falling so mercifully at my feet why not take what is owed to me? I was put here on this Earth for all the born, human-error rejects. To give them something to do, to make them feel like they have a purpose, that they just weren't put here for no good reason. I am every man's wet dream. Come now Pig, wallow at my feet.. So much hot tail… So little time… Why not listen to my Free Voice Sample?

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I know what you’re doing there you naughty, naughty boy; I’ll bet you’re just sitting there hard cock in hand, softly stroking yourself as you flip through hundreds of sexy and potential flirts that may end up on your hit list. So much hot tail… So little time… Why not listen to my Free Voice Sample? You’re probably already on the verge of cumming anyways, let me help you clear your mind so you can decide which flirt to call next. ;)

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