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Hello sexy boys and girls, boys that want to be girls, girls that want to be boys and everyone in between! Cum say hello to me! My name is Shannon but my nickname is Sass, which was given to me by my friends because I am for one, sassy and two, a redhead (which are known to be sassy).

As a person, I am funny, kind, sincere to a fault, loud mouthed, a bit nerdy and silly. I am an old soul and love the smell of old bookstores, vinyl records, and basement level vintage clothing stores. I am convinced in a previous life I was a 30's-40's pinup model. So even though my usual day to day dress is very low maintenance (teeshirts and jeans or yoga pants), when I get glammed up, I really do it up! I have a special "girly room" at my house with my vanity table that stores all my beautiful makeup, my armoire full of expensive perfume, a closet for hanging my corsets and organizing my pantyhose, stockings and lovely hosiery (I really DO have a thing for sexy hosiery!), my sexy lingerie and of course shoes! I have a shoe fetish for sure! I am however a hopeless klutz so I tend to not wear high heels out walking around very much (I would fall and I don't like to fall down!) but I love the way they make my legs look! And did I mention I have absolutely gorgeous feet and ankles?

I am a very kinky, dirty girl and talking about sex is one of my favorite past times. I get off knowing that my voice, my body and my filthy mind gets someone's cock jumping in excitement or gets a woman's pussy dripping. I am very much bisexual and I am very active in the kink/BDSM community. Most of my personal friends are either community leaders or educators or individuals who are well known and active in the BDSM community. I am doing something specifically kink related, going to a community social event, an educational class, a private party or dungeon event 2-3 times a week. Believe me when I tell you, it is not a "hobby" for me. I am not "kink for pay", I am not one of these girls whose a faker, or a wanna be for the purposes of getting your cash. I am very much a REAL player in the scene. Know when you talk to me, you are getting someone who genuinely understands you. You are speaking to someone who not only can identify with your fantasies and psychological needs and desires but whose real life sex life mirrors it as well! And wouldn't you like to chat so I can tell you all about my most recent escapades? Yes you would!

I strongly identify as a switch through and through. I have a real life primary dominant partner, I have a girlfriend who I switch with, several male and female play partners who I switch with and a few male submissives who I am dominant with. I can easily play the role as a Domme as I can a submissive for you. I only ask that if you would like me to dominate you, you must address me as Mistress or Miss. I NOT a fan of "Ma'am".

I do naturally have a commanding speaking voice, but I am amendable if you are looking for more of a demure personality. I can easily go into a submissive mindset, as long as its prenegotiated first. Otherwise, I'm very much an Alpha personality. I have an advanced IQ, a way with words, and can sensually articulate everything your hearts desire. I can entertain any number of fetishes, kinks, roleplay situations or just straight up hot kinky sex.

I will NOT have a chat about any of the following, either because I have personal objections to them or they are against the Niteflirt Terms of Service. These topics are NOT open for discussion: extreme age play (I will not roleplay a minor/child), beastiality, necrophilia, adult baby, or anything involving illegal and non-consensual activities. If what you like isn't mentioned, try me!

I'm waiting for you... Hope to talk to you soon!!!


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