Phone Sex

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I am a physically and mentally dominant woman who knows how to put men in their place. a place that I derive incredible pleasure from. I will master your fears and take control of your desires. I am an intimidating 6 foot tall, sexy natural red-head, with long strong legs, and a powerful presence. I crave, and am exceptionally talented at, manipulating men to do exactly what I want. I am endlessly delighted by watching a man completely turn himself over to me to be used in whatever ways I am most satisfied by.

I am a lifestyle Mistress. BDSM has been an integral part of my life for many years. I have been exerting my authority over men since my earliest sexual urges ignited within me over a decade ago.

I am the constant craving that strokes your mind and controls your cock.

I am driven by an insatiable appetite to conquer men. to puncture their resistance to my will. to break the boundaries that inhibit their potential to please me. to incapacitate their defenses and render them without anything but their submission to me. My taste for domination and my uninhibited imagination empower me.

I will reveal your fears. extract your fantasies. dominate your desires.

Your obedience excites me. Your deeply ingrained need to serve a strong, wise, beautiful woman arouses me. Your dedication to becoming what I want you to be is what I expect. I enjoy the challenge of finding creative ways to get into the heads of my subs and slaves to find out what they are afraid of, what they desire, what their weaknesses are, what secrets they keep hidden, what erotic fantasies they long to explore...

I am unmatched in my ability to understand, take control of, and make use of men. You will search but never find a woman who can master your mind and body with the confidence, creativity, insight, and passion that I possess.

I will slip myself into all of your psyche and infuse my influence into every inch of your flesh. You will long for nothing other than being/becoming the man I want you to be.

You will surrender ALL of yourself to me.
I will own your thoughts and your cock.
You will not withhold anything from me.

I will:

* addict you to me with tease and denial
* manipulate your mind and body with discipline training.
* humiliate you by exposing what you are most ashamed of.
* take complete control over your pleasure and pain
* ensure that you worship me. satisfy me. devote yourself to me.
* use interrogation to expose your secrets.
* push you to the places you both fear & crave most. to the edge and beyond.

I very much enjoy:

* sensory manipulation and deprivation
* psychological torture and bondage
* emotional sadism
* slut and sissy training
* behavioral modification
* watching your inhibitions unravel
* owning your indulgence
* exploring your most perverted places.
* showing you what it feels like to be free while in service to me
* fear. ranging from playful to incapacitating.

I am your gateway into what you thirst for. places you've never been before. I am most fond of men who have an overwhelming need to submit to me. I will surprise you. over and over. until you understand that you will never be able to predict the magic and mystery that is my mind. once you feel the force of my fire, you will realize the limitless of your desire. I can be sensually seductive and sadistically unrelenting. I will torture you will temptation.

You are exactly where you need to be. let go and set your wildest fantasies free. Be prepared to turn ALL of yourself over to me.