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Real Lifestyle Owner Will Take Complete Control

For the best chance of getting to speak with me, send an email and introduce yourself. I have become bored and annoyed with many of the calls I receive so I have decided to be more selective about which ones I answer. If you are a first time caller and call me without any kind of introduction, I may or may not choose to answer, depending on my mood.

Yes, I have a real-life, fulltime slave and I am always willing to talk about our relationship and the things I do to him if you're curious. I also plan to start making videos of me playing with him and will share those upon request. I might even let you choose what I do to him and video me doing it...if you are creative enough in your requests.

I just figured out how to do "goody bags". Here is my first one. It's hot, I promise you won't regret looking:

I go by "Sir" because I am a powerful, strong, and masculine woman. I hate to be referred to by MISTRESS, Ma'am or anything other than SIR. So if this idea appeals to you, then we might get along. If I am not feminine enough for you, or otherwise don't hold an appeal, kindly call someone else. You have fantasized for years - or your entire life - about a strong and confident woman taking control of you completely. You want to be a slave. Property. Owned. But every time you meet a supposed "Dominant Woman" she turns out just to be putting on a role or playing dress up. Being dominant is not who she really is, it's only what she wants you to believe. I am not that woman. I will not dress up to suit your preferences. I will not compromise what I want to please you. You will submit to me and give up control in the areas I demand or you will not speak to me at all. And yes, you will call me Sir. * Let me just note here that my screen name of "YouWillCallMeSir" is not a cute little phrase. If you start calling me Ma'am, you will get a warning and then hung up on if you do it again. Only those who have basic respect for the one thing I demand need call me.

I have more pictures and videos to share with those I trust. Please send me a message to request them. Topics and Activities that I enjoy:
- Sadism
- Bondage
- Orgasm Control
- Teasing & Denial
- Any kind of "torture" (nipple, CBT, etc.)
- Ass play
- Micromanagement
- Speech Restrictions
- Clothing and Food choices
- General Life Management
- Advice and help with current relationships
- Self-Improvement
- Internal Enslavement
- Men who are ACTUALLY Submissive!!!

Things I have no interest in:
- Golden or Brown or any other kinds of showers
- "Worthless" slaves
- Catering to your whims
- Roleplaying