Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Anyone who has talked with me will tell you the same thing: when you call me, the person on the other end of the line is ME: a mature, classy, responsive, multi-orgasmic woman in the full bloom of her authentic sexuality.

Here at Niteflirt as in real life, I have this "thing" about being true to myself. I tell the truth about who I am, what I like and how I feel -- and that goes for sex play, too. I don't pretend to be turned on if I'm not, and I prefer not to fake orgasms -- unless, of course, you ask me to.

If talking to a make-believe, scripted persona turns you on, there are plenty of ladies here on NF who can give you all the fake and phony you can handle. I'm just not one of them.
I don't have an invented persona, a prepackaged routine or a sexual specialty to sell you. What I do have is a real live woman with a vivid erotic imagination, who loves to explore people deeply -- sexually and otherwise. Give me (almost) any fantasy scenario or role play, and I'll pour myself into making it come alive -- not only for your pleasure, but for mine, as well.
Many callers ask, "So what turns Claudia on?" That's not always an easy question for me to answer, since I'm a natural pleaser and what arouses me most is following your lead. What I get off on is your arousal, and the feeling of you getting off on me.

But there's more to me than just a highly-sexed, erotically imaginative older woman: I'm intelligent, sensitive, perceptive, supportive, caring and fun (oh, and don't let me forget modest, too).
Yes, I really am home alone, and I really am a "housewife" -- whatever that means, in today's world. I'm also an artist, a dancer, a teacher, a counselor and a grandma ... to name a few other facets of who I am. A lifetime of experience has given me an understanding of human nature and an appreciation of people, in all their glorious diversity. This is what enables me to relate to you as the real, unique and complex person you are.
Many guys turn to Niteflirt for a quick release; they call to discharge just enough tension (wink) to enable them to go back to focusing on their work, or to roll over in bed and get some sleep. I totally get that, and I have no problem giving you a quick bang for your buck -- if that's all you want out of our call.

But great sex takes more than a quick shot in the dark. Great sex is a dynamic combination of chemistry, emotional rapport and mutual exploration. If that's the kind of experience you're after, it'll take a little time for us to get to know one another, explore each others' libidos and co-create our own unique erogenous zone.

Give me a call: let's see if together we can create the kind of chemistry that makes us both come away feeling,"Wow! Was that just a phone call, or was it real?!?"
I'm a highly sexed woman who enjoys getting to know people. What I'm best at is creating a uniquely personal intimate experience that is - hopefully - satisfying to both of us. I don't work from a script, and I'm not very good at talking dirty to myself while you sit there silently jacking off. I'm here to interact with you, so if you call me, please be prepared to participate!

Love and lust,