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bring your subby mind to me for honest humiliation

There are certain protocols that are to be followed in a Woman led relationships.

If your Woman has recently started to become more dominant, call today!!

There is much about your changing role that you need to know!

If I'm not available, and you are having difficulty adjusting to being a cuckold, or wonder what it could be like, buy this 6 minute mp3 introduction for $5.00 here.

I can help you adjust so that the transition goes smoother for you both.

You may have already started experiencing things you never thought you would.

Most days I'm available to take calls by 5 pm or 7 pm EST through 10:30 pm EST.

I get notified of your new chat message from 2 pm to 10 pm EST each day. That doesn't mean I'm available to chat at that time, simply that I am notified that your message is waiting for me.
Calls ALWAYS take priority and get my full attention, even if I am already chatting with you, I will step away from the computer to give my full attention to whoever is calling.
Know your place and wait in line to talk with me if I my call button is on 'busy, on a call'. Then I may resume chatting with you or preferably receive your call!

Maybe there have been hints from her about upcoming events and you are nervous.

11 minute mp3 in my voice of preparation of a beta male to be penetrated by her lover for purchase for $5.00, click here! Learn what might happen to you!

It is natural to be nervous when your body gets used in new ways, when your role changes.

It is natural to be excited and nervous all at once.

It is natural to be turned on while you feel humiliation.

It is natural to see the largeness in other men as something to be respected and worshipped.

A 7 minute mp3 in my voice for $5.00 of a male made to wear a sissy uniform, and clean his ex-girlfriend's house, only to find himself face to face with her husband's penis.

He services it with the expectation of finally being allowed to orgasm.

If you are worried about being 'outed' to your friends, by your wife, in regards to your new role in the household, please call. I can help prepare you for this occurance in your life.

Women, direct your beta male to call me to learn just how common it is for males to live within their submissive nature, letting you lead. This will make your life easier.

Tell me about yourself. Let me into your psyche so that I can better understand what you’ve already experienced.
Some beta males crave the spankings because they know that when they are cared for, the Woman will discipline them so that they remember do to as they are told.

First spanking by her, an 11 minute mp3 in my voice fro $5.00.

What if your Woman is spanking you and then gets 'exploratory' with her fingers while she is gentle rubbing your sore backside? There is a great allure to the feeling of not knowing when or if you will get entered while your bottom is being spanked.

Some Woman like to increase the impact of your discipline and so will have one of their girlfriends watch while your booty is tanned.

Several of my clients have disobeyed and then found themselves laying across the lap of their Wife’s boyfriend. Now the spanking is administered by a Man. This is an unforgettable experience.

An 8 1/2 minute mp3 in my voice of the first time She lets him spank you! Her lover spanking you instead of her when She thinks you need to be disciplined! Buy for $5.00 and re-listen as often as you want! This is a powerfully moving audio!

In conversations with roleplay I speak of the session from her perspective. I might have her her boyfriend in it with you, but not me.

No webcam available.

I am Lifestyle Dominant Woman and advisor.

You are solely responsible for the use or implementation of any advice or information received from any phone or e-mail correspondence through this Queen Jess Advice listing.

Testimonial from a male who I have spoken with from time to time in the past months: "Queen Jess, Thanks so much for listening to me yesterday. It was really a struggle for me to work up the courage to confide in you, as I kept wanting to call but then I would chicken out at the last minute. After several glasses of wine, I was finally able to muster up enough fortitude to do what I knew was necessary.

I have to say, it has been a long journey... full of twists and turns along the way. Who would've ever guessed I would go from a "normal" heterosexual guy, who adored women, into a cuckold, and then into a cocksucker. Well... maybe you could've seen it coming, but I certainly did not. I used to love pussy, even though I wasn't able to satisfy one with my little penis. I was, however, pretty adept with my fingers and tongue, so I didn't think it was too much of an issue.

I think, after talking with you, that I realized how much a woman needs an alpha male's cock to truly satisfy her, and we both know I didn't fit that description. I guess, deep down, I knew I wasn't doing my job, and that's why she was seeing him behind my back.

Now I understand what she sees in him! I had no idea a cock could be so incredibly delicious.. Jess, it's such a wonderful feeling to feel a man get hard in your mouth. I've never felt so appreciated before. And the reward you get at the end... I couldn't believe that I'd be so eager to swallow.

Wow!!! i just finished listening to the two audios you sent. You must've picked out those two as a result of our conversation yesterday. Otherwise, it would've really freaked me out, as those audios are very close to resembling my situation. I can't believe you know so much about how the beta male feels with regards to the alpha male. i can only surmise that it's because you are a dominant female, and that maybe your thoughts parallel those of a dominant male.

I mean... you hit it right on the head when you mentioned that a submissive male, such as myself, will go to great lengths to satisfy a more dominant person. i know this to be very true. i think that is one reason i have become so smitten with the cock... it's because i feel a certain amount of pride in doing a great job of pleasing him. And with a man, i can always tell when i have pleased him... when he sends a scalding, hot load of semen down my throat. With a woman, i was never quite so certain that i had done my job properly... in fact, i knew deep down that i really hadn't. i was always good with the foreplay, but when it came time for the actual penetration... well, that's where i always came up a wee bit short. (no pun intended) Isn't it ironic that i can't seem to be able to get hard with a woman anymore?

It doesn't seem fair... but i guess there's not much i can do about it at this point. i haven't completely given up hope with women... it's difficult to let go of something you've been crazy about after all these years, but i just feel a spark that i haven't felt before when i'm with an alpha male. Who knows what path i'll end up going down... maybe with your advice, i can make the proper choice..... "