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male chastity devices save and spice up Marriages

When the Woman you love holds the key to your next orgasm your attention is riveted upon her and only her. Whether you are in a physical chastity device or simply under verbal control not to release without her permission, chastity improves your behavior, making you more attentive to her needs and wants.

My job as your chastity coach is to help you acclimate to not being able to touch your penis, witness the changes in your relationship, answer questions about what other males have experienced at every stage of this lifestyle. I will help you navigate through the the days she doesn't overtly tell you what she wants you to do so that you can be an obedient male!

There are certain protocols that are to be followed in a Woman led relationships.

If your Woman has recently started to become more dominant, call today!!

There is much about your changing role that you need to know!

Chastity devices keep the male from leaking precious energy out of his dick in the form of unsupervised masturbatory releases.

Chastity devices assist the male to focus his sexual energy on his Woman! She will oversee your penis, choosing when you release (orgasm/cum) and by what stimulus.

Enforced male chastity does not have to lead to cuckolding. While it is a common tool in cuckold relationships, there are many couple who find chastity to be all that is required to foster intimacy and put Woman firmly in charge.

Your Woman should be the sole focus of your arousal. If things have become stale in your marriage, even if you don't want to go down the cuckold path, when your dick is locked in a chastity device everything about her is more captivating for you!

You may have already started experiencing things you never thought you would.

One male I've been coaching along his chastity journey with his Wife recently wrote: "Is it normal for me to start feeling she is superior to me? Is this the 14 days without release affecting me, my new custom fit metal chastity device 24-7 or just my new reality so I better get used to it?

I feel like I gave her all of the control in our relationship and I feel relieved by it. I feel relieved that she tells me what to do and I am shocked that she understands this and has agreed and adopted this new philosophy immediately. I think when she says “If I would have known this 15 years ago, I would have locked you up then”.

She really means my wee-wee is insignificant but I wish I would have put that insignificant piece of flesh in its proper place years ago because I now realize that the wife needs to own him completely. That she now realizes that it is the natural order for her to be the boss of me. To literally own my arse and run me ragged at her whim. She is getting off (unexpectedly in her eyes) on not just telling me to jump like my boss but getting off on reprimanding me when I don’t immediately ask “how high”.

I am beginning to know my place, she is absolutely noticing how dependent I am now on her and it is a huge turn on for her. She is absolutely turned on by me on my knees now. She absolutely is turned on by me licking her pussy locked up, not just because it is pleasurable but mostly because it subjugated me.

This is mind blowing and her potential for dominating me in her special way I still limitless. She is such a natural. I’m amazed!"

Most days I'm available to take calls by 5 pm or 7 pm EST through 10:30 pm EST.

I get notified of your new chat message from 2 pm to 10 pm EST each day. That doesn't mean I'm available to chat at that time, simply that I am notified that your message is waiting for me.
Calls ALWAYS take priority and get my full attention, even if I am already chatting with you, I will step away from the computer to give my full attention to whoever is calling. Chats are only a touchstone between calls for coaching, daily life guidance. They last no longer than a half hour per session.
Know your place and wait in line to talk with me if I my call button is on 'busy, on a call'. Then I may resume chatting with you or preferably receive your call!

Maybe there have been hints from her about upcoming events and you are nervous.

If you are worried about being 'outed' to your friends, by your wife, in regards to your new role in the household, please call. I can help prepare you for this occurrence in your life.

Women, direct your beta male to call me to learn just how common it is for males to live within their submissive nature, letting you lead. This will make your life easier.

No webcam available.


I am a naturally dominant cuckoldress as well as a coach for male chastity and cuckolds.

You are solely responsible for the use or implementation of any advice or information received from any phone or e-mail correspondence through this Queen Jess Advice listing.