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Goddess Bliss's Russian Roulette - Ignored or Not?

Hey, fuckers! Bow down before your Goddess!

You know you want to hear My voice, the catch is it won't be talking to you. No, I'll be completely ignoring you - talking to My friends or My man, or maybe I won't even talk! Maybe I'll just completely ignore you! LOL! And you're going to sit back and like it. I bet you even touch yourself (unless I told you not to, freak). Maybe you're so twisted that you want to WATCH Me ignore you. Tough shit - that needs a special request and the chances are slim that you'll get Me to say yes (hint - a tribute gets My attention!).
But, wait! I might talk to you, if I'm really fucking bored... I'll tell you what a cunt you are, how small your dick is, what a fucking loser you are... And the fucked up part is that you'll ENJOY it. You know you will, don't be a liar. 
What's in it for you?! Are you serious, scum? What the fuck would I care about what you get out of it - you don't fucking deserve to get ANYTHING out of it. Hell, you don't deserve to hear My voice, but I'm already letting you do that, aren't I? No, you don't deserve a damn thing because you don't fucking matter. The only thing about you that has ANY value is your fucking wallet. So make yourself useful and throw your money at Me. It's not like you deserve to keep it, loser.
So, come on, limp-dick! Give Me a call and let Me drain your wallet! Your servitude to the Goddess begins NOW.