Phone Sex

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Need a sounding board? Let's talk about sex...

Almost as often as I get guys who want to call to enjoy hot phone sex, I get people calling because they need someone to talk to *about* sex. These are some of my favorite calls.

Let's face it: people are complicated, and so is sex! But finding someone you can have an open, non-judgmental conversation with about your sexuality isn't easy. As an experienced phone sex operator, I've heard it all, and trust me: there is no such thing as "normal." We're all humans, the sexual psyche goes all over the map, and that's okay.

I'm not a licensed therapist, but I've been studying human psychology and sexuality for many years (sadly, that's more than can be said for most therapists). I can dish out insight, empathy, doses of reality and always, a kind and sympathetic ear and a good sense of humor.

Are you wondering what it means that you're straight, but you still think about cock on occasion (or even getting fucked by a dude)? Do you need a very specific fantasy to get off, every time? Do you have a turn-on so weird and unique, it makes you blush just to talk about it? Are you asking, "what does it mean that I like X"? Maybe you're having relationship challenges or are trying to learn to be a better lover.

And of course, I can switch from empathetic listening to hot phone sex fucking whenever you say the word.

Let's chat.