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Princess Amelie

Beautiful Hypnotic Goddess To Seduce & Control

I'll Have You Under My Hypnotic Spell In Less Than Ten Minutes

I've been watching My mentor hypnotize men for years. When I finally learned what she had been doing, I began to study it formally. I still rely heavily on the techniques I learned from My mentor. I'm third generation Spanish gypsy. I am a gifted sexual psychic and healer. I am also a sadist. Yin and Yang. I love and have the capacity to both heal and hurt. What is it that your soul craves? Tell Me and I will decide whether or not I choose to make your dreams a reality.

I also just love to talking about our kinks.

In terms of Domination, I take on a strong caretaker role. Even though I am young (twenty-four), I’m very, very Dominant and SUPER experienced with kink. I’ve worked as a pro domme in dungeons across North America and Europe. I like affectionate cruelty, learning about other people’s fetishes, abusing my power, and corrupting the innocent. I like turning otherwise Alpha men into depraved little cock sluts, pussy worshipers, sissies, and cowering submissives. I also like taking control of men, getting them all fucked up on drugs or whatever, and COMPLETELY taking advantage of them. I’m a PRO at FinDom and blackmail fetish fantasy but WILL NEVER do that to you unless you specifically ask for it.

Here's How You Can Have The Best Trance Possible:

* You'll fall under My spell more quickly if you believe what is happening. If I tell you that you can see My shiny red lacquered toes before you, then you can see My shiny red lacquered toes. you don't actually HAVE to believe in hypnosis for it to work but the trance will come on more quickly and it will be more enjoyable if you are cooperating and not resisting. Don't resist Me. I hate when people resist Me. It just gets on My nerves and it's a waste of your money.

*Make sure you have at least $100 on your account before you give Me a call. There is little I find that is more rude than being hung up on or being asked to wait while My hard work (putting you under trance) is undone because someone wasn't realistic with themselves about how easily they would succumb to My spell.

If you have a preferred method of hypnosis or a particular fantasy that you want to go into, let Me know. And while I know that half of you are cock suckers- be sure to let Me know if you aren't or if you have a specific sexual kink I should know about. While I am quite a gifted psychic, particularly in the realm of the sexual, do not assume that I will ALWAYS be able to read your mind. I'd really prefer if you just told Me what kind of experience you are looking for. Trance is a wonderful place to explore your fantasies in the most completely overwhelming and REAL feeling way possible. It is My desire that, if you are hoping to experience or explore something in particular, that you tell Me.

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