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See Jane have fun with Dick's Net Worth

Micro-domination for Macro-draining

I have an unusual way of turning a slow bleed into a money hemorrhage, and it doesn't involve anything that sounds like "you should just hand over your hard-earned cash because I deserve it for dealing with a pathetic loser like you". Borrrrringgggg. (But I do get a kick out of playing Raise The Rate!)

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First, to set the tone, I suggest you send me a gift or tribute for the *minimum* amount I will ever leech from your pockets in a single command, be it $10 or 100. That way I know the ante for the game I'm about to play with your personal economy.


When you call, it won't take long before I know your hot buttons...and boy will they cost you, bit by bit. A few examples about how that might go:

* You couldn't take your eyes off your co-worker's breasts three times today? That'll cost you $10. Per incident. Per breast. Do the math, you sniveling lech.
* This week's panty assignment was to wear the pink thong for 30 hours this week and you only managed 25? Poor show, sissy. Now go purchase every pair of panties on my wishlist as punishment.
* You had two beers on a weeknight? That's not what we agreed on - the fine payable for illegal drinking is $25 per drink, and goes straight to my own 'drinking' habits - I call it the Mocha Fund.
* We had an 8pm appointment and you called at 8:08pm. At $3 per minute, you know what I'm owed. Do it right now while we're on the phone. Did you just complain about wasting call time? Round that up to $40 for whining.
* You know my rules about badgering me with emails and you ignored them. So now you're on MY ignore list until you send me enough tributes and goodies to get out of the Penalty Box.

Microdomination Contract: I take great pleasure in "institutionalizing" the downgrading of your net worth in direct correlation to the upgrading of mine. For a Negotiation Fee $50, we can discuss fines, penalties, taxes and multipliers, and how this relates to your perversions...because it's never "just" a money thing for you, is it?

Getting in my Good Graces is always advisable ......

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