Phone Sex

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Forced Intoxication

Feminization (wear those panties loser!)

Financial Domination


Below are your panty taxes, you pay the first one before you even think of clicking my call button, after that you pay the second, and if you are lucky enough to have peaked my interest and kept me on the phone you pay the third. Don't think you're going to be cheap and just find a way for me to NOT get paid by you, got it shrimp dick? I am your princess, I am the ruler of your little dicked world, I am the one who controls your pleasure. So give me your money, just open your wallet, your bank account, your credit cards and drain them dry making me happy and we will see how well you do in the future. When you call me again, begin with the second panty tax button, don't even think you can get away with the first one...don't think I'm too stupid to remember you. I'm smart as a whip, college educated and am well aware of the correct usage of the words "their, they're there"; "two, too, to"; and "your and you're". I will also never waste your time by telling you that you're a "looser" nor will I tell you that you're "waisting" your time you will know simply by talking with me that, you are wasting your time with the others on this site. I am the real deal.