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Young, Hot and taking everything

I'm a true Alpha Male, I take what I want anytime I want it. Guys at work envy me as I can have my pick of any of our female co-workers. They pay me for advice on how to get women, I laugh in their face while taking their money. These pathetic ugly losers think they could be in the same league as me with just advice, this is something you're born with. I have it they don't.

I'm here to take control and show you exactly what you've been craving your entire life. The perfection I possess will drive you crazy until you beg for it, but you'll never have it. It's mine and you're not worthy of it.

Calling me is a privilege and you'll have to pay for my time. After all, I have a lot of other things to do with my nine inches than to waste time talking to you. If you want it then show me how much by giving me your money, don't lie and pretend this isn't what you want. I'm not here because I need to be, but you are. Think about that.