Phone Sex

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Sweet Roll

Use my hot eager mouth anyway you want!

I maybe new to the phone sex world, but I am eager and ready to try anything you want. The need to please excites me. I am a submissive slut whose pussy gets wet when a man takes control.
I love to be ordered to do any nasty thing you can think of. I will be your ultimate cock slut. Your nasty little whore slave.


  • When you put me on my knees
    your cock
    for my mouth to please.
  • Your pre-cum smearing across my lips
    my pussy getting wet and slick
    as I anticipate every lick.
  • I feel my hair wrapped in your fist
  • I part my lips to take you in
    and run my tongue across your tip.
  • You push forward with your hips
    burying your cock deep within.
  • In and out you pump fast
    not caring if I gag.
  • You use my mouth the way you should
    the way I like it to be used.
  • You grip my head and hold me tight
    my face pressed between your thighs
  • Your cock in my throat
    good and tight.
  • I feel you throb
    and I moan in pleasure
  • as your seed gets delivered.

Do you want to watch your friends use and humiliate me? To please you I would let them touch me anywhere, use me in anyway. You can watch while they fuck my face, their cocks thrusting in and out till they spew their cum all over me. Imagine how beautiful that would look, their throbbing cocks shooting thick steamy white goo right into my upturned face while I beg for more. Can you hear their flesh hitting mine as they slap their stiff cocks against my cheeks and laugh?

Lay me on my back and push my knees up against my chest opening up my wet pussy. Its glistening lips parted and my clit exposed.
Play with it. Rub it, flick it, lick it and nibble till its engorged.
Feel how swollen it is as you push your cock inside me? Make it so sensitive that I feel every inch of your powerful cock sliding against it as you glide in deep. The friction so painfully pleasurable that I can't help but cry out every time you move against me.
Look down and see how my poor little pussy clamps tight around your big shaft.

Can you feel how it sucks at your cock?
Tight and hot as it tries to milk your every seed.

But you can be cruel and not give it what it wants. You could turn me over and part my plump cheeks. You don't have to ask if you can fuck me here. My ass is yours just like all the rest of me. Yours to use as much as you want.
Put your finger against my tight puckered asshole. You feel it try to close up?

Don't let that stop you, push against it. Break through its resistence. you know my body better than me.

You know that I secretly crave your cock buried deep in my ass. That I crave you unloading your cum in there over and over. That I need you taking control like a real man would.

Don't wait for me to invite you. I don't know what my body wants, but you do. Show me.

Make me whimper with pleasure.

If I'm not available, please send NF Mail. I will get back to you as soon as I can.