Phone Sex

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Its ok, Were laughing at your penis!

Its true we are! But come on, Who wouldn't laugh at that? Its fucking hilarious! How can you even call that a dick?

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Think your manly? WRONG!
Think you can satisfy us? WAKE UP
Think your worthy? FORGET IT!

Life has a balance, and everyone knows what role they play. You are the pathetic faggot that will become my slave, your life goal will be to please me and become worthy to stand in my presence. MY goal is to determine when you are worthy by means of HUMILIATION and DOMINATION. You will be forced to do my bitch work so get ready for a long list, you will be laughed at mercilessly, you will be INTIMIDATED by me after the phone call. And when your done wiping the cum off your tiny piece of shit cock, your going to log back in, and send me a tribute. Lets face it, I deserve it after putting up with you.

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