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Your weakness is your strength

If you were to think back to a time when you felt completely and inexplicably at the mercy of another, someone so totally in the cockpit of your mind and your emotions that it might tear you apart to go a moment without their favor--remember NOW what that was like--then you have an idea already of how your experience will be. With me, it isn't necessary for you to have a clear picture of what's to come, because I will open you up and plumb the depths of your psyche--pushing the boundaries of your imagination, hunting down your darker desires--as you let my words enfold you with a cocoon of indulgences and iniquities.

It's time to face the music: this isn't a matter of willpower, this is about the nature of the beast itself, the wretchedly desirous creature inside you that you may not even be aware of. For a blessed few of you, the creature is a tamed thing that must occasionally be walked on a leash led by capable hands. For the rest, this creature and its host are needful and wanting for correction.

Maybe you feel a familiar itch that needs a healthy scratch. Maybe you feel that overwhelming compulsion. Now, maybe...just realize there's more to this game than wistful longing and apprehension--there's the promise of absolute gratification, or, if you will, absolution. You hear the sound of a tiny voice--your own voice--in the back of your mind and it's whispering:

It's time to play this game.