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Asian Princess Naoko

Come SEE what Financial Domination really is.

Let's be honest, nothing and I mean NOTHING excites you more than listening to and WATCHING Me enjoy My life and explore My interests on YOUR dime and credit cards lol! My girlfriend too! Hi, My name is Naoko and I'm a Japanese American Princess. My parents are from Japan. I am the youngest so yes I am very spoiled. I'm used to travelling where I want and when I want. However being the youngest also means I have a lot of responsibilities such as participating in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Yes you get to be a part of that. My world. How? I wear a custom made Kimono in it, the Obi material (sash) was gifted by a slave. So this is more than just "gimme" or some "basic bitch" wish list. I'm not basic and I'm not average. If you have nothing to offer Me, My will not be wasted on you. Simple as that. Those of you who are truly worth My time are enraptured and entranced by Me, My porcelain beauty. These types take the time, so they are worthy of My time. I'm generous with my time to those of you who are generous to Me. You can find out MORE about your Princess on My homepage. Oh and make My homepage YOUR homepage so every time you turn on your computer the first thing you see is Me.

My art scroll is down below. This art was made possible by My minions.

You can't take your eyes off of Me...can you? My perfect porcelain skin, My long silken black hair cascading down My back and draping My shoulders like a midnight waterfall. Pure Japanese perfection. It drives you WILD. You just can't get enough of serving and worshiping your Princess. My voice enthralls you and My girly giggles of pleasure unravels your mind. Your inhibitions just fly out the door when you enter My Universe. Isn't it so?

This is intrinsic. Your NEED to serve ME. Your NEED to give to ME. It's ingrained in your brain, you're INFERIORITY to Me. You long and ache to worship Me. A beautiful, young, living, breathing, porcelain GOD. Me, My listings, My training and even My homepage are centered around Me and My wants. If I ask you about some of your interests its so I can have a list of your weakness(es) and use them to further TWIST YOU. Use you. Manipulate you. But don't expect Me to center My life and interests around your jerk off fantasies. I'm not some Barbie doll meant to bend and pose in way you find most exciting. LOL! Bitch boy, PUH-LEEZE. When you DO have the balls to call Me, you are basking in My beauty and perfection. You're not "paying" Me to get you off. There is no terms of service that states I'm obligated to let you cum. IF I allow it it is because it amuses Me to hear you grunt like the inferior piggy you are lol! So if you got shit (as in cucumbers, dildos, a beer bottle) you wanna shove up your butt hole LETS GO! My If you're a an alcoholic well then buddy boy wrap your lips around that bottle and guzzle down that liquid encouragement! !

My pictures you see not only show off My stunning's also a trap. A clever design to manipulate you. Twist you. To see what sort of bitch you truly are. Deep down inside. If all you can do is hit a button to "favorite" Me or hit a button begging Me to make you "Goodies" ...then go. Leave and find someone who'll say yes to an unworthy cunt like you. The only buttons that matter to Me are the ones that cost you dinero! The "Call Now" button, "Ptv's", MUCHO dinero "Tributes" and My "Wish list", PRIMO dinero. My time, attention and style will NOT and SHALL not be wasted on the cheap, broke, or lackluster. There are far too many WORTHY and worshiping piggy wiggies and mindless addicts to and FOR ME Me to chase a scum fuck for his buck LOL! If that's the case go. Go find someone who demands so little for herself.

I am generous with My time to those who are generous to ME.

♫ Awwe I see someone came back, just can't quit Me huh? ♫ (>‿◠)