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Well let me tell you a story... One night my phone rang. I picked up and a sexy voice was on the other end.

All he said was "Hello." But the sly confidence in that short greeting made me raise an eye brow. He said "Hi Adria..."

I responded- "uh... Hi- who's this?"

"Oh.. Just a friend" He answered. I could hear the smirk in his voice. "now Adria- This is what I want you to do..." "Put your finger in your mouth, suck on it then slowly put it down your panties..."

I said- What?!" In shock- obviously!

He responded very calmly but sternly; "Adria- The only thing you need to say right now is 'Yes Sir.' Then you take that fucking finger, Suck on it and start playing with that perfect little pussy and do everything else I say without question."

Well needless to say, The experience was amazing. And I was hooked. Over time and many calls this powerful stranger trained me to service him in every possible way, including to dominate and punish other men, all at his whim.

In fact, I'm following his orders right now!

Nothing will please him more then when I tell him all the bad things you made me do or how you begged me to use you.

Any presents you buy me I will show off to him, and he will know what a good girl I've been.

Then call me back and I will thank you properly and tell you all about it!

Your wish is my command.

If you find I am not available, send me some mail!

Or even better some sexy stockings! You know- they just get snagged all the time... Especially when someone is ripping them off! ;)

Until then, Adria xoxoxoxo

P.S. I am actually quite an intelligent and down to earth girl. GREAT girl friend material! I have a Masters Degree in fine art and a minor in political science.

So if you want to chat to someone with a brain, that you could bring home to mom, but could also fuck you silly... you have found the right girl! xoxo
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