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Come serve Mistress Raven Now you little sissy

In Financial Domination, it is the spiritual act of serving manifested by the money & gifts you give… your cash symbolizes your love for Me. You give and give again. If I cannot physically beat you in cyberspace, I can certainly make you hurt in many more creative ways. If you cannot kneel before Me in person, you can certainly offer your heart to Me on a platter by becoming a money slave. Your giving is an act of love, of submission, of devotion. It is just one form of expression in a multi-facetted experience of textures and emotions. If you like verbal humiliation and the sound of My voice talking down to you over the phone and on cam
I have the ability to ruin you, to bleed you dry. I know your fear of exposure and ruin excites many of you and is often the impetus for giving more. Will I act on your fears? Hahahaaaa… one can only guess. My pleasure is of the utmost importance. Keep Me happy and I may not ruin you, unless you beg Me nicely… your demise is at My capricious whim.
Welcome to my realm of financial domination. I am your deepest desire, your secret fantasy, and of course your wildest dreams come true. I am your mistress, and I will take pleasure in you giving me everything I want. Of course with your money, and your gifts. You will confess to me, how much you need my discipline and guidance. Admit how much I understand your desires, because of course I do. I know you want to please me, and agree to embrace my every wish. You know it’s your destiny, don’t you? You can’t resist Me. Only very special slaves get my attention, and of course you do want to be special to me, don’t you. I believe the greatest gift a woman can possess is femininity. You will worship my femininity and give me everything I desire.
You will serve me with each and every breath that you take. You will worship me and me alone. I will become the only reason for your being. Your true reason for being. No longer will you be alone or on your own, you will live for me, I will become your true and one and only obsession.
Money and power go hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other. Money can be an incredibly powerful sexual aphrodisiac. Giving, and taking, money can become an intense sexual fetish. Almost all money slaves experience an incomparable sexual gratification, and a vast emotional satisfaction, from the act of giving. Financial domination gives a fulfilment seldom found in other fetishes – Fulfilment to a submissive' need to live for a dea or deus greater than themselves, to give all their best of themselves to that goddess. I am the one you have been searching for, all this time.
You are here because you have an insatiable urge, in some ways a sexual drive, to fulfil a need. The reason, and I am your reason you are here is beyond your control, you cannot resist me. My beauty commands your attention. My presence demands your obedience. You are merely a marionette – I pull your strings and you dance as I please on the stage of my Life. Face it. Admit it. Even as you take in my words, your anticipation rises, your excitement builds, your need to please this goddess rises to an almost unbearable level. You want to be mine; you need to give to me. To serve this goddess with your very being is your destiny. Feel your heartbeat rise, notice your breath become quicker, watch your desire build to an obsessive need, revel in the excitement. Then, when you can stand the rising tension no longer, beg to be allowed to pay me homage with a tribute or gift.