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Drea Darling

Amateur Sex Therapy. No Ph.D needed, just logic.

Amateur Sex Therapy. No Ph.D needed, just Logic.

PLEASE NOTE: Although this line is technically for entertainment purposes only, I do take it seriously, and I do at least *attempt* to help. If you're looking for someone to take advantage of you, expose you, etc., I have many other lines for you to call. Do not call this one.

Sex isn't that hard to get. You don't need a fucking degree, you just need a little compassion and a little logic. Lucky you! I have both.
Now... about your problem.

I am a good listener, and very patient when necessary. But let me forewarn you... I'm very straightforward. I do not beat around the bush and I will call you out if I see fit. For the record, I'm also good at weeding out the lies from the truth, so don't fucking try it. Within 5 minutes I'll know you better than you know yourself, so don't give me any sorry, half-assed excuses unless you feel like feeling my wrath.

I am not your sympathetic whore, but I can be your sexual savior if you answer questions honestly and earnestly listen to what I have to say in return. No whining permitted.