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Drea Darling

GFE: cuckolds, sissies, and shyboys wanted

♥ GFE: Cucks, Sissies, and Shyboys Wanted ♥

Somewhere in the dark recesses of your mind, you want a girlfriend that will force you to do all the things you always wanted to try but never had the guts to admit. You pray for that one gorgeous girl to come along that will coax you into a threesome with your best friend and his huge dick and make you watch her fuck the shit out of him. One that will make you suck a hard, throbbing cock while it pumps cum down your throat. That one special girl that will slide her panties off and tease you with her mouth while she puts them on you. You're looking for a girlfriend so tempting, she could make you do anything... even give in to your deepest desires.

Your new girlfriend's name is Drea. You should really give her a call.

Or maybe you're just a shy guy, too "nice" to stand a chance with the kind of girl you really want. You're always stuck in the Friend Zone, and you never have the balls to make a move because you already know the sort of reaction you'll get.

Try me. You know you want to see what it's like... you know, the whole Not Getting Rejected thing? Lol But seriously.

I'll be the dominant girlfriend you've been waiting for; the one that shows you where you need to be, and pushes you to your limits and beyond. Ready to be a good boy?