Phone Sex

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Are you worthless? Useless? Incapable of satisfying a woman with your tiny pathetic dick?

You’re only good for one thing, amusing me and my man between marathon fuck sessions.

Yeah, I pretended to be interested in you at first, yeah I played the role extraordinarily well, buttered you up, and you were so enamored I barely even had to let you hold my hand before you were my willing slave and then the real fun began. It was almost too easy to lure you into my trap, and once you were in there was simply no escaping because you were too stupid and too in love to realize I was using you. Even if you were reluctant, I got you under my control, using humiliation, hypnosis and my physical... charms to make you my little cuckold slave.

You see, a pathetic little worm like you simply can’t satisfy a true princess like me, but I get off on teasing you, reminding you what you can never touch, love having you watch as I wrap my legs around some rocker in leather with a dick that can satisfy my hungry cunt, love having my lovers laugh at your uselessness, love having you kiss their boots, forcing you to acknowledge their utter superiority, their right to have me, because they're real men and you're not.

So, I turned you into my little cuckold, drew you into the web I share with my satanic lover, introduced you to him and made you watch as he did things to me you couldn’t even dream of. You have to beg to be allowed to kiss my boots, and he has an all-access pass to all the glorious heavenly parts of my body you aren’t even allowed to touch. I know how hot I am, and I know exactly how to control pathetic losers like you.

Hell, I’ll make you suck the cum out of my used condoms if I want to. You'll gaze longingly at my glorious body, a body you'll never get to enjoy, and my man will laugh at your desperation because he knows that next to him you're nothing. I'll bet the thought that I belong to him and not you gets that pathetic little thing you call a cock rock hard (not that you'll be allowed to do a damn thing about it).

You’ll treat me like a goddess, buy me fabulous clothes, keep my long sexy nails done, pay for me to look hot for the men you’ll never be able to compare to, even help me get ready for my many, many lovers, just for the tiniest bit of attention from a woman like me, because you’re a sucker and I’m a slut and that’s how that works.

You can even give my lover Damian a call if you want to hear about how good my hot little mouth is and what a filthy slut I am for my Satanic master.

So call now, loser.

Some of my other interests include:
Inflicting pain
Hypnotic control
Bisexual fantasies
Harsh verbal humiliation
Shoe and boot worship
Nylons, pantyhose, stockings
Financial domination
Puppy play
Pet play
Slut training
Pony play
Blackmail games
Tease and Denial
Cruel sadistic torture
Long fingernail worship
Teacher scenes
Maid training
Intoxication (alcohol)

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