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I'd like to begin working with you with the understanding that things will be different from this point forward. I want to be sure you're sincere in your desire to serve. Just so you understand; it is the control that I'm after. If you accept training under me, you will be giving me complete use of you. This is not confined to the time you are training with me.

You boy, don't confuse your service to Me with any ordinary friendship you've ever known. There is, and can be, only ONE relationship between submale and Domme, especially me!

That relationship is one of subservience .. in mind, thought, and actions .. 24 hours a day. Vanilla time becomes the "role play" time, submission is the reality.

This is it. In your mind or on your knees. Wherever you go- you observe our D/s relationship. It is "us" you think about in every action, every situation.

The sub must always recognize and honor his status. I will never be your companion, colleague, peer, girl friend, lover or similar in the normal sense of those terms. That is not to say that respect and affection are excluded. Great affection can develop, but within the context of the D/s relationship.

The submale is always the submissive, the servant, the slave. Property to be used as such.

It is a one-way door which you enter into the corridor which leads to the Dungeon. The only other doors are doorways that lead to your dismissal. My way or the highway!

A good Domme is a responsible Domme and exercises that responsibility by requiring the submale to observe the firm boundaries of the D/s Relationship. Dismissal is the only other option.

A male switch is like a cur-dog. Once he's been there, no matter how dumb the female who submitted to him, he is tainted goods and not to be trusted. The slightest hint of switch mentality and you will be dismissed and banished forever. Dead meat .. not fresh meat.

So, if you become my boy, and consider this carefully.. you will always be to me .. simply "my boy". Always ready to serve and please, and be grateful to belong.

Mistress and slave. Nothing else.

Submission is submitting to the will and pleasures of the Domme .. it's not about your wants and pleasures. Your pleasures come from providing for Mine.

Understand that it is vital for a good Domme to train and use numbers of different submales to hone and fully develop her skills and to satisfy her growing appetite.

When the male fully accepts his dependent submissive status, then the relationship can mellow into one that can be warm, trusting, loving, and nurturing. But NEVER as an equal. A Mistress is always more than equal. The view from your knees should help to reinforce this. The D&s relationship is also such that other aspects of your life are IMPROVED through your service (confidence, peace of mind, etc).

Your size is not important to the D&s relationship. A horse cock or the wimpiest of cock, matters not. It is more about the size of the heart, all else can be compensated for.

Reflect the D/s relationship in your every contact with me. Let it guide your every thought and action. Then and only then will you begin to really benefit from the magic of this relationship.

Now, if this thought gives you a warm snugly feeling, much as you might have with your head snuggled into my lap .. with a full, ripened nipple glistening just above your extended tongue .. and perhaps your wee cock straining and struggling against the chastity device that I'll require you wear...

...then perhaps you ARE the boy that I hoped for!

Expectations-(or as you refer to as punishable offenses)

Lifestyle .. that is, a real inner desire for the Domme to control the male in personal daily relationships, and a hungering need by the submale for strong feminine authority in an everyday setting.

That needs to be why you are here. The true lifestyle Domme is the one for whom your submission IS the reality.

You must place value on all communication .. of any type. The time and energy I invest into the training of my submissives far outweighs the cost you spend in receiving it.