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Learn to be a good bitch boy one step at a time

All little bitch boys have to start learning somewhere. They just don’t pop out of a box one day and presto – they are the perfect bitch. It takes time and energy and a sense of purpose to train a male into a proper bitch. I have been training bitch boys for 20 years. I started in my teens; teaching myself and learning a lot along the way and I have it down to a basic system now. This wonderful site finally lets me place my training exercises one step at a time, and allows you the luxury of training as fast or as slow as you wish. You can pick and choose which training steps you may need more work on. I like each of the steps to range between 1000 and 3000 words all under a dollar. Some of the training starts with a short story demonstrating how and when this training can be useful in your ultimate goal – the worship and service to a powerful woman. Example text from Step Two – “Strengthen the tongue and jaw for long timing oral service”. I grab his hair and pulled his face away from my crotch, his tongue continues to remain out of his mouth and drool drips from the tip while he waits in anticipation. I pull his head to my clit roughly and he immediately starts to suckle the nub with his lips and tongue. I respond with an ached back, gasps of pleasure and after the rimming start to cum immediately. He holds my ankles up on the couch in place, sucking and groaning into my clit, my joy is his joy.

Step one is related to how you should be grooming your cock, balls and ass and the basic position you should learn to be in when masturbating.
The first two paragraphs – So you want to be my little whore? Well first things first, personal grooming. There is nothing more disappointing than a bitch that doesn’t look neat and groomed. That little pecker of yours, always present sticking out on the front of your body, a constant reminder of your lowly male status and your place below me. At the very least you can do something about its pathetic presentation. All slaves should be shaved balls, dick and ass. Yes, i said ass. Not the outside – no one cares if you have hair all over your ass, I certainly don’t. You might someday if you have to drip wax on it for my amusement before fucking yourself with the candle, but for now – just inside the crack. I will train you the same way I train my regular slaves, with specific directions starting with position you need to get used to being in. Slaves should be on their knees, thighs spread wide. When you are serving, unless otherwise specified you should be in this position.
1300 words (2 pages) - .99 cents

A Domme’s Diary – Dec 3rd 2010 – A verbal rendition of how I cleaned my little whores fuck hole both inside and out. Nothing like a good enema to prepare a slut for his daily fucking.
Excerpt - “I looked at his puckered hole, moisture ran down my inner thighs. I placed the head of the rod at his hole and steadily press the rod in. His hole stretched open to accept the thin rod. I could hear him signing; his dick now so hard the veins showed clearly through the skin. The small section of the rod slide into his ass easily right up to the inflation ring. With a hard shove the ring disappeared within the outside muscle ring.“
Can you cum when my little whore does?

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