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Princess Caramel

Pay up Piggies! Princess Caramel is feeling greedy

Do you love a challenge? Well I'm not easy, far from an easy target. I'm very classy, and I love a good chase, and noone has ever been able to catch this ;). I'm also still a virgin, I'm 18 years old, 5'2, sexy as ever, with a friend too ;). I'm not cheap, but will take your scrapes. I don't have an Amazon's wishlist, but if you wish to buy me a gift after kissing my most adorable pretty feet, then you will be granted. I am a princess and want to be treated as one. I've always been spoiled, I do what I want, when I want, and when ever I feel like it. So will you be able to spoil me or do you only have your spare change to sacrifice? Love role playing, let me know, your needs will be satisfied as long as I'm taken care of first..................................................... I'm basically here to take every cent you have, and if you want to serve me, you must prove you're worthy of my time. I want a weekly/monthly allowance and/or gifts. I want tributes and sacrifices, I am your Goddess and I demand your sacrifices regularly........... I need noone's money, I'm addicted to humiliating people, taking their money, and laughin in their faces. Prove your worthyness by giving me your money now............ My cash money allowance starts the moment you send me a message, there better be money inside or you will see a beautiful ugly side you never thought was possible, I will blackmail you til every dollar you have to your name is in my purse, pockets, and breasts. I want to get larger breasts, what do you think? Want to help out making my body the perfect body on earth? Crawl on your knees and give me your money. I'm here to break you, even if you're broke and you only have $50, give it to me, so I can break you and laugh in your face. I'm the best thing that will ever happen to you. I also have a friend who's gorgeous, she's just a bonus, if you're a good boy and satisfy me, you will be handsomely awarded, I guarantee it.