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Alexandra Wants Your Money

Manipulative Young Financial Domme wants $$$

Let me make it simple for you.

I am here to take your money.

You are here to give it.

I don’t serve you. I don’t provide a service to you. I don’t give you anything. It’s the other way around. You pay for the privilege of being allowed to be a tiny part of my life for a few, fleeting minutes. When you contact me, you have no right to expect anything from me other than that I will use you for my own purposes. Everything here is about me, for my benefit and not for yours. I’ll tolerate your presence for as long as you pay me to. I’ll give you little in return.

If you don’t like it, turn around and get off my page. Why are you even searching the Financial Domination listings?

If you are a true submissive who seeks to worship and adore a naturally dominant woman, read on.

About Me

My name is Mistress Alexandra.
I am British, I am 23 years old.
I’m perfectly gorgeous, brunette and green-eyed, slender, toned and tanned, immaculately dressed, very intelligent, a privately educated and degree-holding lady with a sexy upper class accent.
I’m charming and flirtatious,demanding and greedy, manipulative and utterly self-centred.
I charge $49.99/minute and I still think I’m giving you a bargain.

About what I offer here

I have an expensive lifestyle. I enjoy designer clothes and shoes, parties, beauty treatments, dining out, seeing my friends, travel, playing the sports I enjoy, being taken out by the few men that I deem worthy of my time. It’s not my job to fund anything. It’s your job. My job is simply to have fun.

This is a collection box for you to drop your money into as thanks for my existence.

I’m not here to work for you or fulfil your fantasies. You’ll pay me simply because you recognise and appreciate my superiority. If you don’t pay enough, or often enough, I’ll throw you aside and find someone else. There are plenty more guys like you out there and you’re all the same to me.

If you want to contact me through email, bear in mind that I require a tribute of at least $100 before I’ll even look at anything you send me. My time is valuable, don’t waste it. You can call anytime that the “Call Now” button is showing. I expect you to show proper etiquette on the phone. You will address me as Mistressor Ma’am. You will not interrupt me, you will NEVER presume to tell me what you want me to do or try to direct the conversation, and when the call is over you will thank me for my time and ask permission before you hang up. Then you will come back here and leave me a five star feedback. If you fail to do any of these things correctly don’t be surprised if I block you.

If you’re too scared to talk to me, call anyway and I’ll be perfectly happy to ignore you. You get to listen in to me doing whatever I was doing anyway, which could be: shopping, seeing friends, seeing men, watching TV or listening to music, cooking, eating or just about anything else. Note that I don’t have to put on a show for you. Don’t start bitching and whining because I lost interest in you when it became apparent that you were too shitless even to beg me to mock you. You change your mind and want to talk, speak up loud so I can hear you, because I’ve probably forgotten your existence already.

I don’t do webcam. Any pictures I have are taken with a digital camera and if I want you to see them, I’ll put them up here for you to buy. No custom requests- remember about this being for my benefit, not for yours? Very good. Yes, I will watch you on camera, and yes, I will laugh at you.

For those of you who like to feel that they’re giving their Mistress something specific as well as money, I am always pleased to get email gift vouchers from:

Agent Provocateur
Beauty Flash
lingerie store Mio Destino
Net à Porter

I do not do blackmail. I do not do forced intox. I won’t risk potentially getting myself into legal trouble for the sake of you getting your rocks off.

Any money you tribute to me or vouchers you send are considered a gift. They don’t entitle you to anything from me- if I acknowledge your existence at all, it’s because I’m bored and you’re lucky. No refunds, ever. I won’t reduce any of my prices. Don’t ask me to.

I do have a sweeter, gentler side. Unlike some Mistresses I’ve seen, I don’t hate men- I just require that they amuse me, or I get bored with them. I don’t want you to hate yourself after talking to me; insofar as I give you a second’s thought once I put the phone down, I’d rather you felt good, because that makes it more likely that you’ll come back to me. And then I’ll get more money, see? I won’t deliberately try to make you cry or ruin your life- I don’t need you to be crawling on the ground like a worm before I can be secure in my own power, because I already know I'm powerful.

You can’t resist me, it's pointless to even try. So what are you waiting for? Start giving me your money...NOW.