Phone Sex

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The Girl Next Door You'll Never Get!

I'm out of your league, but maybe if you...

Every guy has his white whale, the girl he could never manage to get into bed no matter how hard he pursued her with gifts and plied her with drinks. That's the kind of girl I am. I love to find guys who know I'm too good for them and flirt, just enough to get them to begin the chase. This is when they start buying me things, and the longer I hold out, the better stuff I get!

I'm The Girl You Could Never Have!

Think of me as "the one that got away," except I was never really interested in the first place. Sure, I like to flirt and tease, but that's only to get YOU to do what I want! There's nothing rich old guys won't do for me, and all I have to do is sigh and moan into the phone while they tell me what they want to do to me!