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Control Artist

Guidance, Control, Conversation.

I have many years of personal experience in BDSM. You may call me if you are looking for conversation or advice on any of the topics listed below.

You may also call me if you are looking for someone to help you set realistic goals and deadlines... and will push you to met them.

My areas of interest/experience:
Power Exchange
Predicament Bondage
Long distance bondage (Guided Self-bondage)
Controled/Managed Exercise
Controled/ManagedWeight Loss
Controled/ManagedPersonal Improvement
Key Holding Control
Mummification: Fiberglass
Sensory Deprivation

There are also a number of other interests of a more personal or extreme nature, that quite frankly, I do not intend to talk about with strangers. That level of intimacy is not bought, it is earned.

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