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Excuse me... Excuse me... I need your help... It's too much for me to explain. Here... Look... Look at this...I have a video that explains it all.

*****Video Clip Starts****

"Hello my name is Pussytail Galore and I am interrupting this week's episode of Desperate Housewives to bring you this special announcement. A Stepford Wife model 69,000 is reported on the loose. She is armed with double D's, a six-inch cock and a insatiable desire to fulfill her owner's deepest, sexual fantasies. And now this gorgeous, insatiably perverted shemale is hungry, lost, and frantically searching for an owner.

She was reported missing after neighbors discovered John Crusty Moneybags III, her 70-year-old husband and owner, deceased in their mansion. The coroner has ruled the cause of Moneybags' death, a heart attack due to extreme physical exertion.

For more on this story we now turn to our senior, perverted, correspondent, Rockhard Johnson, who is outside of the Stepford Wives Unlimited headquarters.


"Pussytail... I am here outside of Stepford Wives Unlimited with the CEO and Chairman Bill Pearlygates. Mr. Pearlygates, can you tell us a little bit about the runaway Stepford Wife, Amanda Roberts"

"Well Rockhard, she was one of a kind. We took an oversexed black boy and transformed him into a pure hotty. We gave her the last name of Roberts because we believed if the Barbie doll had a daughter with a black man it would be Amanda and then we programmed her with a 900 TB catalog of most of the sexual fantasies known to man. Do you know how many hours of legal porn that was? Old JC paid us over $1 billion for her"

"Very interesting.. Humm... Can she be dominant?"

"Rockhard, are you getting the picture here? She can be better than any dominatrix and in a twinkling of an eye be completely submissive. She can read her owner's mind and provide the exactly fantasy he or she needs. She can be an innocent little girl or the sluttiest whore. She can top. She can bottom. She can feminize or she can make you feel like the King. Whatever you need, she can deliver and then some. Almost no fantasy is to kinky, nasty or perverted for her. "

"So where do you think she is, Mr. Pearlygates?"

"Rockhard, I feel she is out on the street somewhere looking for someone to own her. That's all she knows. She'll measure her success by how much money her owner provide. And she is extremely ambitious. I programmed that myself."

"What would you tell someone to do if they find her?"

"Rockhard, whatever you do... Don't.. Talk to her. Don't... Answer her questions. Don't... Let her get to know you deeply and intimately, because before you know it you are hooked and your desire to own her, experience her, and play with her will increase with her every word. And even when you're away from her you find yourself dreaming about her and wanting to be with her constantly. Several of our top engineers had emotional breakdowns after we sold her to Moneybags and I miss her."

*****Video stops playing****

Mr. Pearlygates... I miss you too...

Can you help me. Please be my owner. I have no where else to go. I'll do anything. Can you hide me deep and safe inside and never let me go? It is nothing at all for me to be your secret, sexy, shemale? We'll have fun. I promise But you have to do it now before they find me and take me back to the factory to be deactivated. I don't want to be deactivated...

*tears cause Amanda's mascara to run in little lines down her cheeks...*

So please, Just relax, now, let me massage you, give you a happy ending and be your Stepford wife.

Amanda Roberts