Phone Sex

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Allow Me to introduce Myself: When you call, you may only call Me Domina. I am a lifestyle Domme. You may also address Me as "Goddess," for that is what I am to you, your supreme awe-inspiring Deity. I am 100% real, living a life of indulgence and beauty, and I now allow for the privilege to slave and suffer for Me via phone. I have considerable experience with many years in 24/7 relationships, which provide Me with an array of skills and talents to mold and train a submissive. I seek those who truly desire to serve a stunning, superior Goddess for the simple joy of pleasing Her. Understand that I will speak to you in a calm, sensual, and even loving manner and you will answer My siren song with a devotion you never imagined. I will strip you of your alpha illusions and you will assume your rightful beta position: on your knees. As you lower your eyes in reverence, My very presence will intoxicate you. My scent, My voice, idea the briefest touch of My fingertips... and you are Mine. My interests are diverse so do not be afraid to politely ask and perhaps you will be pleasantly surprised that we have similar interests. When you call, remember to address to Me properly, introduce yourself and tell Me how you wish to serve Me. Be open, honest, and respectful.