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Are you an exhibitionist? Like to be told how to stroke it? Or just want to show me your cock, how big or small it is? Maybe you like to wear panties, or more! Show it to me! I want to see your freaky side. I love to watch cock sucking faggots, sissy sluts, or even real girls! Small cock? Give me a laugh! Big cock? Mmmmm! Give me a thrill!

How does it work? Easy!

First, you'll need to sign on Yahoo or Skype, both of which are free, so that I can see your cam. I prefer Skype, as it's much faster and clearer, but I'm happy to use whatever is best for you. Set it up and test it, making sure that it works with your cam!

Next, buy my IDs for only $3. I will credit you 3 free minutes towards your second call. When you send me a contact add, please mention that you're a NiteFlirt caller.

Get ready! Get your toys or get dressed up! I have a list of recommended household items for BDSM play in my PTV store, and recommended sex toys

Call me! Call anytime that my listing shows available on NiteFlirt--you don't need to message me first, as I may not be at the computer. When I receive your call, the NiteFlirt recorded dispatch greeter (aka "Madge") alerts me to which listing you're calling, and I will go to my computer and check for your contact request before I pick up. Even though there is audio on Skype and Yahoo, you still need to call me through NiteFlirt so that I can be paid for my time. I mute the audio from Skype or Yahoo, and only listen on the phone.


If you want to be assured that I will be available for you when you are dressed up, please call me to set up an appointment. We can set up a time and address any concerns in 5 minutes or less. I can only offer to be available to take calls at your appointment time, as I take calls on a first come, first served basis, and I am very popular.

Flirts who violate TOS risk termination from NiteFlirt. I reward loyal callers with free minutes.

I specialize in:
  • Orgasm control, tease & denial, edging. I love to watch you stroke and keep you on the edge
  • Cum eating, forced cum eating, and cream pies. You will eat your cum, and don't even think of chickening out and hanging up on me!
  • Cuckolding, cheating fantasies, small penis humiliation. Show me how little that pecker is, so I can laugh.
  • Homoerotic urges, closet cock suckers and ass whores--suck or fuck a your favorite dildos for me (or both at the same time, if you're coordinated!).
  • Feminization, sissies, cross dressing, lingerie fetishes and "shemale" fantasies. Dress up for me!
  • BDSM, CBT, spanking, paddling, caning, and all manner of inflicting erotic pain. Message me for a list of toys household items, or purchase one from my pay to view store on
  • Ass play, strap-on fantasies, butt plugs, and dildos--get the lube and be ready to fuck yourself for me.
  • Humiliation, name calling, ridicule.
  • Erotic role play, elaborate or ordinary.
Like anyone, I have limits, and NiteFlirt has restrictions. If you're unsure about whether I'll allow it during our call, please ask me first, to save us both time and possible disappointment. A few pointers to make the best use of our time:
  • Be sure to mention that you're a NiteFlirt caller when sending a contact request through Skype or Yahoo.
  • Feel free to message me, but please know that I'm not always at the computer, so JUST CALL if you're wanting to play! I will go to the computer as soon as the phone rings.
  • BE AWARE: I abide by NiteFlirt's rules regarding prohibited content. I will not risk my membership here by violating any of NiteFlirt's rules. If you ask for something on the NO-NO list, I will politely decline.
  • Want free minutes? Get on My Favorite Customers list. How? Be considerate! Add adequate time before calling. Adding time is fine, but not every 5-15 minute for an hour. Be realistic. Check your email and followup on any requests or assignments.
  • You are billed by the minute by NiteFlirt, which is how I get paid. If you hang up, I'm no longer being paid. I will end the cam session if you end the call; it's that simple.
Buy my Yahoo and Skype IDs for $3:
I will credit you 3 free minutes towards your second call. Because my IDs are difficult to spell out over the phone, this is the fastest way to go about it. I offer the credit on your next call to make up for the fee, which only exists to deter callers who want to avoid speaking to me through NiteFlirt.

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