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Nerdy Domme Wants to Push Your Buttons

The terms "nerd" or "geek" generally evoke images of a shy, introverted individual who enjoys being solitary and is quiet and contemplative. Well I'm here to toss that stereotype out the window!

Being Bea means being bubbly, vivacious, and a veritable ball of energy and fun. I love gaming and the amazing sub culture that comes with it. The social aspect of games is the most important element for me and I'm always ready to meet new people and make new friends. Occasionally I get an itch that just visiting a theorycrafting blog or online gaming forum can't scratch. I'll admit that I get an incredible rush out teasing and seducing men, both in game and out.

I first realized the control I could have over men when I was the raid leader in my former guild. I got so wet directing 24 lusty, sweating males to do my bidding, knowing that they would hang on my every word. I love hearing the desperation and lust in a male voice as he pleads with me to fulfill his desires. While I don't usually directly dominate those lucky lads who request my sexual favors, I enjoy manipulating them into submission using my playful and sultry voice and my active imagination.

Let me direct your fantasies in order to make your desires reality. I promise you I have extensive leadership experience, both in game and out ;)