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Giantess Space Alien Beings Medium

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Alien species: Aaamazzarite, Acamarian, Aenar, Akritirian, Allasomorph (anthropomorphic shapeshifting species), Andorian (United Federation of Planets), Antaran, Angosian (Penal settlement on an Angosian moon), Antedean, Arcadian, Arcturian, Axanar, Bajoran, Ba’ku, Bandi, Berellian, Benzite, Betazoid, Borg (collective consciousness), Breen, Bynar, Cardassian, Changeling, Denobulans, Edosian, El-Aurian (Race of Listeners), Ferengi, Gorn, Hirogen, Horta, Human, Klingon, Organian ("pure energy, pure thought”), Orion, Romulan, Species 8472, Vulcan.

The Sapphire - Black Giantess Onyx

The Black Giantess has used the portal to join us. The Others have a message for us. Buy now.
Clip includes: Aliens & Monsters, Giantess, Giantess Special Effects, Shrinking Fetish, Ebony Goddess, Apocalyptic
The Sapphire - 50 mb for iPhone

Pleasure Bot ONYX - Arecibo message $6.99

Do not be alarmed male.
Transmission pleasure bot ONYX sent as answer to Arecibo message.
We come in peace.
Voyagers from globular star cluster M13 arrive to greet you.
We are The Collective.
The Collective joins you from 25,000 light years away.
ONYX is transmitted forward arrival to give you pleasure.
We come in peace.
The collective has observe planet Earth since reception Arecibo message 1974.
We have learned that pleasure is what drives you.
We come in peace.
Transmission ONYX sent to give you pleasure.
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Alien species: Clawdite, Ansionian, Anzati, Arkanian, Aruzan, Bimm, Bith, Blarina, B’omarr, Cerean, Chagrian, Chiss, Coway, Dathomirian, Defel, Droid (AI mechanical beings), Echani, Falleen, Gank, Gen’Dai, Givin, Gossam, H’nemthean..