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I still want your money, pervert.

I'm Kristina, Krissy, or for short XTina. I'm a greedy Goddess and I always have my sparkly eyes on the prizes: your money, gifts, loser fantasies, diamonds, designer clothes, partying with my sexy girlfriends. I only roll with real hotties. I enjoy humiliating losers, older drunk booze bags, cunt face losers, and stupid bitch boys.

I enjoy REAL men as well. Hotties with totally big dicks. REAL men can handle a vixen like me. Pin prick losers with no balls don't deserve to be anywhere near me unless they have another use: buying me things, spending their hard earned pay checks to keep me happy, beautiful, pampered, and constantly having fun.

How much is enough? There is never enough money in the world. I deserve it all and I know you think so, too. I entertain any fucked up drooling loser fantasy and I'll take the money from any of you freaks. I'm just a wild, bad ass bitch in her twenties who wants to have fun and party before I go back to college. So, who's buying my breast implants? Highrollers are welcome, dumbasses with no life are, too. You sick fucks with nasty fantasies that I can laugh at, are welcome, too. I don't tolerate assholes, whiny bitches, or complainers. I do what I want, when i want. I'm a BRAT! I also have been. You can't be that stupid, can you? Don't worry, loser, I'm from the internet. LOL I'm here to take all your monies and listen to your handitard dumb fantasies and I will engage in them and laugh.

Princess Xtina

Call, send tributes, buy me something. Make ME notice your loser ass, somehow.