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Your Lil Crush


"My voice is just as sexy
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Warning: I am a very dangerous young Female to you sissy. I luv hearing cock down your throat. It makes Me excited to see you used as a whore and My laughter is very addictive. It for REAL makes me WET and even if it's just my strapon, I will make sure that your mouth is the best cunt EVER! I believe ALL men dream of feeling like a female whore and I will make your dreams come true.
It is My Superior belief that if you can't fill the shoes of a REAL MAN with a REALLY BIG COCK - then you should be used as entertainment to serve Me and My Alpha Bull boyfriends. I get off on it. Nothings makes me more wet then smashing your male ego to dust. I don't scream or use the word loser over and over either. My voice is sweet as honey with a very dominant edge and with it, I will explain in detail how your new way of life is going to go down. On your knees down. My King cocks get My tight young pink pussy
and you the leftovers!
All Hail Your College Crush
Don't be shy - I promise that you are gonna luv me!

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