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The Ultimate Domina - Based in Las Vegas

Sensual, manipulative, exotic and erotic, I am the Mistress you were born to live for. An intuitive Goddess with the ability to cause you to fall to your knees with one simple whisper of my silky yet stern voice. You will fall at my feet and beg to be owned but you will have to prove your worth. Are you ready to prove yourself to me boy?

Yes I am real and based out of Las Vegas. I know I was born for this, so I am well aware of my female power that will make your weak male ego dissolve into a faded memory. Spiral down the rabbit hole that is sub space with me, into the land of kink and honey. Pick up the phone, and begin your journey into worshiping the most perfect and intelligent woman you will ever meet, Ms. Vanity Sin, The Ultimate Domina of your dreams.

Hypnosis/Neuro-Linguistic Programming (I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist as well as a pro domme/ lifestyle domme), therapist role play, feminization, black mail games, humiliation, body worship, scent worship, leather, latex, gloves, CBT, chastity, self masochism, puppy play, verbal degradation, race play, distance training, ignore, voyeur fetish, Bratty FemDom, JOI, CEI, shoe worship, stocking, lingerie fetish, intoxication, financial domination, "raise the rate", fetish addiction therapy, fantasy chats, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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Bitchy Goddess

You are at the feet of your Goddess, Vanity Sin waiting to worship her Louboutins and perfect feet. Ms. Vanity is in an extra specially bitchy mood and delights in verbally slashing you down while you attempt to lick her red bottoms. You adore her beauty, her body, her leather gloves, her fur and most of all her arrogance.

Leather ReProgramming

You came to visit Ms. Vanity Sin to try hypnotherapy for the first time. You were looking for assistance with relaxation but surprisingly she pulls out a pair of leather gloves. You ask yourself, how does she know you like leather gloves. She doesn't, but she notices your growing erection and begins to use it against you. The sound of gloves rubbing together just makes you ache.

My Worthless Husband

Living the married life with Ms. Vanity Sin is bliss until you screw up. Once that happens, her sharp tongue begins to cut you down and well you've pissed her off so much that she finally tells you the truth. She's been having sex with other women and now you're a cuckold. The bitter truth hurts but it turns you on so much, especially when she laughs at how stupid you are.

Performance Dysfunction

You've decided to finally give a try and visit a hypnotherapist for your performance issues in the bedroom. You found Ms. Vanity Sin, who seems to be a respected individual in the clinical field. Perhaps you are trusting her too much as Ms. Vanity is a skilled manipulatrix disguised as a therapist with her own fetishes, such as gloves. This video is to be viewed with care.

Treatment for Insomnia

You are vising Ms. Vanity for your follow up clinical hypnosis treatment regarding the insomnia problem you have been suffering for some time. Ms. Vanity Sin is set on her ways and is quite the twisted therapist. With unconventional methods, she is determined to "help" you. This video is to be viewed with care.

Becoming the Perfect Sissy (Mp3)

Pink Bliss - Feminization (Mp3)