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Haley Honey

Princess Haley Ignoring losers

Loser ass Ignore line
Ok Losers.
This one is for you, You losers that really can't get a fucking girlfriend.
Call me.  Get  ignored. You aren't worth my fucking time. I as well as every other girl have something better to do than talk to you. So hand over your fucking wallet and sit there like a bitch.
I might be out with my girlfriends, we might laugh our asses off at you. Maybe I'll be out shopping or with some other guy. Maybe, in the shower. Point is I sure as fuck won't be paying attention to you.
Maybe if I'm being nice and you beg i'll speak to you. But, I wouldn't count on it.I'd have to be pretty bored.
Call me, worship even being on the phone with me and my perfect fucking pussy that you will never have. If you want me to talk get begging you pathetic shit(: