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To obtain enlightenment and ascend

you must sacrifice and give to a higher cause or Superior Being.

This is a journey impossible to take alone

as you and your offerings are only half of what is needed....

I, The Leader, will guide you & you need me to accept those offerings

and to validate your sacrifice to the universe

so that the energy generated by your gifts, tributes and tithings

are then manifested in your life by a lightness of being

as you are unburdened by the stresses

associated with finances or caused by money.

When you unburden and contribute to a higher cause

you will begin to see those manifestations in your life almost immediately

so you are encouraged to unburden

and relieve yourself of as much of that negativity as possible

and as often as possible.

With regular tithing and tributes you will find that you are happier with less

and that you quite enjoy a life of servitude

and you will find yourself looking for other ways to give

and bring happiness to yourself

as well as your Leader which is ultimately the goal.

To make it convenient for you to unburden

and help you be as successful with your enlightment as you can

I have provided the tools you need to move forward in your journey.

Those tools include Live Calls, Recorded Calls & Goody Bags.

Of course you are also encouraged to Tribute your leader

for maximum benefits to be gained.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals as

I guide you on this special journey to inner peace and true dedication to something bigger than yourself.