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Lovely Savita - Delicious Princess to be Spoiled

*Stretches both arms over her head languidly*

So boring. Will you entertain me, little one? I feel the need to be amused. *Glances over and begins to grin, eyes moving appraisingly over you* Ah, so much potential. Yes ... you will entertain me

*Crooks a finger, beckoning you to her* Perhaps tonight I will be in the mood to bind you, contort your wretched body into all manners of artful poses that I can look upon ... or force you into a position to be used as a stool or chair. I might wish to see how your skin colors under the sting of my whip and the way the sharp blossoms of pain make you dance about. At times my hands just itch to feel the slap of flesh in their palms ... from your face, your ass, your cock or cunt, your thighs ...

*Looks over her shoulder, out the window, suddenly bored once more* Maybe tonight you will spoil me. We can go shopping - you'll have to wear a pair of my panties first; make sure you can feel the satiny material of my hold on you against your skin as we walk through the shoppes. You'll buy me a slew of pretty things and if I am pleased I shall let you return home with me where you can watch me try them on. I may have you kneel on the floor at my feet and rub lotion into my skin, perfume me, clasp my garter and lace me up ...

The possibilities are, of course, endless when it comes to serving my whims and all I require is that you are sincere in your devotion. Be you male, female, trans, piggie, kitten, pup, submissive, slave, kinkster - your only requirement is to worship me and that which I desire. And I desire ... so much. This listing barely skims the surface of what I do to wile away idle time.

Curious? You may send me a message, though I warn anything lacking in respect and adoration shall simply be cast aside, unanswered. Come now, I know you crave to know the sound of my voice.