Phone Sex

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What concern is it of mine, if, you have bills, debts & a family? I should be your only expense. Your all consuming addiction. I should be your first thought when you awaken in the morning & the last one your mind turns to as you drift off to sleep. Throughout the day, you will contemplate all the ways you could indulge me. Every one of them must include your money. Your purpose in this life is to assure that I'm always happy & content. If it makes you miserable, in the process, all the better. You will implore me to go easy on you. Why should I care about your feelings? The only thing I'm affected by is making sure you're funding my interests & pursuits. If you're not capable of doing that, you are really a waste of my precious time. I will put you on ignore so I may continue to empty out your pockets. You may be useless to me in every other way, but, I still value your cash. Never assume, that, me spending time speaking to you, means anything more than that I revel in all those lovely dollars you give up to me.