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Sexy FemDomme Therapist Duo (REAL PIX)

If you call this line in attempt to scam us and cam with us on skype while using this cheaper line then we will block you. You're dispensable. Trust us. Scamming pisses us off. Call the phone with cam line if you want to see us.

humiliation - domination - mindfuck fetish - idol worship - raising consciousness - deprogramming societal values - power dynamics - individuation - metadata - personality disorders - psychoanalytic theories - the unconscious mind - sacred geometry - conspiracy theories - symbolic imagery - ego annihilation - sexual catharsis

If you're not interested in using your brain and you just want to jack off, that's cool too, We are accommodating and fun - probably necessary to say in advance because guys get intimidated. We're both approx 5'4-5'5, petite, 20 & 21 years old, clean skin, vegan, very health oriented and very HOT!

What dommes who claim to be narcissistic don't realize is that narcissism is a manifestation of a weak, broken sense of self. It's also inherently parasitic, which means that narcissists are incapable of producing their own ether or life force (which is instead derived from others). Narcissism isn't true power and strength, it's a reptilian frame of mind. Narcissists are dependent on others for energy and external validation, which means that when narcissists are cut off from their host animal/primary object they begin to deteriorate. Since when does a leeching form of dependence equate to personal power and dominance?
And what's the deal with the theme of dommes being evil? There's no such thing as a Woman who can be worshipped as a source of gentle (and benevolent) guidance? In all reality, a Woman does not need to be sadistic to be annihilating to the ego. The humiliation is inherent once a threshold is reached, after a level of rapport. Sometimes rapport isn't even needed initially lol. Women naturally put men in their places without trying if They just adhere to Their true value systems and standards, a concept that Amerika is currently bereft of.
What is happening to femininity? This is a part of a patriarchal agenda designed to strip Women of Their personal power. How are men supposed to respect Women when the context is that They'd rather oppress Their subjects than illuminate Them? What's implied within the structure of that belief is that Women can't be powerful unless They're malignant and dehumanizing (and on the basis of a false self at that), which is condescending towards Women and their true nature. Being evil always fucks you over in the end, whether it's a schtick or not (it's not a schtick for Us). This is why so many men feel shameful about seeing dommes and try to quit after a certain point, because they know that they are not truly being helped on a human level (which doesn't cultivate a relationship truly on the basis of understanding). The "domme" is just giving the "sub" what he wants to get his rocks off, and he more often than not has masochistic/self sabotaging behaviors, which affect Her (emotionally and spiritually) as well. Why should a true alpha have to take the exhausting effort to preemptively fuck Her subjects over? That seems to be expected in a lot of situations. It's counterintuitive.
Narcissism also entails a grandiosity gap, basically delusions of grandeur that aren't on the basis of reality whatsoever. This phenomenon happens in society on a regular basis, and likewise for your average domme - except tenfold. Dommes like to liken themselves to Goddesses and divine entities in so many words and claim that their power over you is something like an endless well, without any attention paid to actual power dynamics. These women are overcompensating and fluffing up their self descriptions for being devoid of substance and not actually knowing what they're doing.