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What brought you here, Maybe it was because of my looks,
My lips, My body or was it My mind that your after. Hypnotizing you into coming back for more!
Desperation all coming from you! Your body reeks of of lust wanting, craving for more.
you cant Resist. You don't need to know how i do it just know that after were done talking
You wont have anything left. ill leave you out like a DOG drinking water out of the toilet like the little BITCH YOU ARE.
you have no idea what comes your way. PRESS the button, I wont hurt you... Just your Pockets. You earn millions of dollars For What? Oh that's Right to SPOIL ME! You're not a human, you're a robot giving into every wish I command. don't bother trying to deny my wishes you keep coming back for more. I'm everything you've been wanting, waiting, wishing for I AM your PRINCESS. look at yourself.. PATHETIC! All you're here for is for one reason and that is to become one of my CUMSLAVES! I'm not here to tell you how small your shit is EVERYONE knows how small it is! I'm just here to USE you HA you think your worth something? the only thing your worth is those bills in your pocket after that's gone all you would be is just another bitch slave i have piled up in my closet. you came here to lavish me with all the riches the world could give me! ill make you see the true you, your my ignorant AssToy. theirs not much to say you crave what I am, what I do everything revolves around ME! we All know how this works u worship every step I take, follow me like a sick puppy while i have fun humiliating you because we all know how lonely and sad you really are. I'm no ordinary Princess I'm top BOSS!!
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Keep Pressing those BUTTONS boys! you know you LOVE it! I WANT HUNDREDS!
Sending Me To Get My Nails Done <3!!!!
AWW You Want To BUY me Shoes!!
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