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Miss Mandy Eye Candy

About Me

Name: Mandy
Hair Color:Brunette

I know it's hard not not to click the CALL ME button right away, but READ the DETAILS of my listings before you call! If you call this listing, expect to be treated like the scum that you are! Nothing turns me on more then to use, and exploit you for the pig that you are! If you call me down on your knees with your wallet in your mouth we are certainly off to a good start! Here are the rules...Play by them, or else.

1. You MUST purchase my ID before you call me. If you contact me prior to this purchase, I will most likely block your disobedient ass.

2. If you call this listing, there will be no nudity. To me, you are scum beneath my perfect princess feet and the last thing that you deserve is to gaze upon my sexy little naked body. Don't worry though, lucky for you I am a fucking cock tease from hell, and I will leave your pathetic excuse for a cock dripping when you leave no matter what.

3. I am picture perfect and expect to hear this from you! Your obedience and servitude are a MUST at all times. I am the puppet master! If I ask you to do something, DO IT! Dance monkey dance! If you do not play by Princess Mandy's Rules you will find yourself on my blocked list.

4. Want to see me in something special? You MUST send me an email first, and expect to pay my tribute! Though my body is perfect and it may be hard to tell, I am not your damn Barbie Doll. I do not play dress up! But, no worries..I have an amazing sense of style and your sure to love me in whatever I'm wearing.

5. I'm a spoiled little AMERICAN BRAT! Don't like my attitude? TO BAD! If you can not afford me, Do not call me. If you really loved me you would neglect yourself, and take care of my every need. Nothing makes me happier then tips, and tributes!

6. Be grateful that I am allowing you to view me! My body is perfect, and you know it. I am worth every cent that you are spending. Be sure to thank me after every phone call and leave feedback letting future losers know just how much you enjoy your time SPENT with me.