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Domestic Discipline is in! Call for advice today!

Have you been spanked today? You know you deserve a good spanking, done HER WAY!
Being submissive to her or her lover can be quite impactful. Especially when your bare bottom is being spanked. It is about power exchange and knowing your place.

She will discipline you in your reinforcement training regularly.

If you displease her or disobey her the punishment will be more severe.

Tell me about how she has spanked or otherwise disciplined you.

Bare palms work wonders upon your bare arse, as do brushes and canes.
If she has not yet started spanking you, but you know you deserve it, let's talk about what you imagine it would be like, for her to spank you.

Confess to me the reasons why you already know that you need a spanking.

I don't pretend to spank you, we talk about what it would be like or what has already happened to you or you must be prepared to paddle yourself. No, you will not be allowed to release during this session. Yes, I will walk you through the number and intensity of the smacks which you must apply yourself. There are certain inherent limitations to over the phone sessions, and only a stinging bottom delivers the discipline correctly.

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There are certain protocols that are to be followed in a Female led relationships.

If your Woman has recently started to become more dominant, call today!!

Most days I'm available to take calls by 5 pm or 7 pm EST through 10:30 pm EST.

There is much about your changing role that you need to know!

If I'm not available, and you are having difficulty adjusting to being a cuckold, or wonder what it could be like, buy this 6 minute mp3 introduction for $3.00 here.

I can help you adjust so that the transition goes smoother for you both.

You may have already started experiencing things you never thought you would.

Maybe there have been hints from her about upcoming events and you are nervous.

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It is natural to be nervous when your body gets used in new ways, when your role changes.

It is natural to be excited and nervous all at once.

It is natural to be turned on while you feel humiliation.

It is natural to see the largeness in other men as something to be respected and worshipped.

A 7 minute mp3 in my voice for $3.50 of a male made to wear a sissy uniform, and clean his ex-girlfriend's house, only to find himself face to face with her husband's penis.

If you are worried about being "outed" to your friends, by your wife, in regards to your new role in the household, please call. I can help prepare you for this occurence in your life.

Women, direct your beta male to call me to learn just how common it is for males to live within their submissive nature, letting you lead. This will make your life easier.

Tell me about your spanking history. Let me into your psyche so that I can better understand what you’ve already experienced.
Some beta males crave the spankings because they know that when they are cared for, the Woman will discipline them so that they remember do to as they are told.

First spanking by her, an 11 minute mp3 in my voice for $3.50.

What if your Woman is spanking you and then gets “exploratory” with her fingers while she is gentle rubbing your sore backside? There is a great allure to the feeling of not knowing when or if you will get entered while your bottom is being spanked.

Some Woman like to increase the impact of your discipline and so will have one of their girlfriends watch while your booty is tanned.

Several of my clients have disobeyed and then found themselves laying across the lap of their Wife’s boyfriend. Now the spanking is administered by a Man. This is an unforgettable experience.

An 8 1/2 minute mp3 in my voice of the first time She lets him spank you! Her lover spanking you instead of her when She thinks you need to be disciplined! Buy for $3.50 and re-listen as often as you want! This is a powerfully moving audio!

In conversations with roleplay I speak of the session from her perspective.

No webcam available.

You are solely responsible for the use or implementation of any advice or information received from any phone or e-mail correspondence through this Queen Jess Advice listing.