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Do you know what the BEST sex TOY is?

A toy is something you play with.
It might be something that requires some skill.
It might be something that is mindless.

Whatever it is,
it is something that interacts with you
in a way that likely transforms your mood,
and may even transform who you are for a while.

Let me introduce you to something
you may have yet to discover...
Something you may find incredibly
and perhaps even a bit
dangerously addictive -
especially when tied to pleasure.


Some don't believe that it can do anything at all.
Some will scoff at those who do believe.
What those who scoff may not realize is that
by scoffing they are missing out on
something pretty incredible - for several reasons.

There are those who may not think
they can get addicted,
and there are some who addicted all too easily.

Hypnosis isn't something to take lightly -
even if you are a non-believer.
You might just be amazed - and at the same time
it might just be too late to do anything about it.

Yes. It is the stuff of fantasy for some.
There is no denying it.
There is also no denying the pleasure that is possible...
If you are willing to let me toy with you.

If you have questions, just ask.

I am interested in showing you the pleasures,
but uninterested in making you into someone
other than the man you would like to be.

Come as you are...
and you might just leave a better man.

Come as you are...
and you might just find more of who you are.

Come as you are...
and who knows what will happen?

Your mind is the most creative toy
there ever has been.

Are you willing to let me toy with you?

If what I do isn't fun for you,
I guarantee you it won't be fun for me.

I will reply to all emails.
You might just need to follow up
and/or be patient on occasion.

PS Your first 5 minutes are on me, if
you email your request before calling.
Be patient.
All emails will be responded to.
If you hear nothing within 24 hours,
please check with me again.

In addition, if you call me for
3 different sessions, each call
thereafter will earn you
5 free minutes.
Offer available as
long as it is posted here.

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