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Let´s get everything straight from the very beginning. First of all, unlike about 99% of all the ”masters” here I´m the real deal. Those 99% are nothing but BRAINWASHED (by media, by their friends, by society...) PUMPED UP SHEEPS, moo-ing and chewing crass in a collective trance. Read my listings to find out more.

I´M THE WOLF HERE, and all the rest are SHEEPS (sheeps that wolfs like me eat for breakfast, no matter how big the sheep is)
I don´t care if you are rich or poor, ALL THE MONEY YOU HAVE OR EARN BELONGS TO ME ! It actually wasn´t/isn´t your money in the first place. You will only have money enough to survive and stay healthy so that you can continue to work and SERVE ME. Rest of the money is mine. I´m not here just to rape your wallet (because there isn´t enough money there), I´m here to drain your bank accounts, your car, your lifetime savings...and eventually your house, and YOU WILL LOVE IT !

Now, I know that there are many kind of financial slaves so I have designed perfect programs for every type for my maximal benefit. Find your program and SUBMIT NOW !


New Year Eve Ultimate Humiliation
The new year is coming soon and I am sure that losers like you don´t have anything else to do than some humiliating tasks while real people are partying and fucking all night all day long and laughing to losers like you. And the best part is, you are the one who is financing our luxury lifestyle while sitting in home and jerking off your pathetic little dick.
I have prepared a special New Year Eve assignment for slaves that has clicked my payment buttons in the year 2011...(if you purchase this late and dont have time enough for proper preperations you can still do the assignment, buy the program and you will know how)
...but ofcourse this won´t come for free. All I can say is that it involves following items: a frozen banana (or few, just in case if you screw it up in the first time) , frozen banana peels, a lots of cum cubes (just like ice cubes but only filled with cum), icyhot, an apple, dirty socks and condoms (I suspect XS will do...). The purpose of this assignment is to see how my slaves are doing compared to monkeys in terms of evolution. While it does not take an oracle to predict the results, the test will be fucking hilarious nevertheless ! Buy this one now loser !

The first step to your financial fuckery. It all starts with a small contribution, ending up to a complete financial destruction. But that´s what you want ! Many people secretly fantasize about financial slavery, yet they are too afraid to take the first step. Stop being pussy and click the button. I know your urge is too big to resist anymore and NOW, finally, you JUST have to DO IT!

You will feel so good when you send me money on daily basis without a fail. When you have practised this ritual long enough you are ready to move on to...

Advanced Ritual/Religion
The first thing you do when you wake up: PAY ME! The last thing you do before you go to sleep: PAY ME! Make it your new religion ! Financial slavery is exremely addictive by its nature and combined with ritualistic practises it becomes just about impossible for you to break. But that´s what you really want ! It makes your life so much simpler to STAY SUBMITTED.

Binge Program
I know some financial slaves have times when they go into a binge mode and hand over much more money than they originally intented. Are you one of those moneyslaves who in a moments of rush just have to give everything away...only to hide your sorry ass for few weeks or even months (in order to financially recover from the binge)...for showing up later on, and binge again !? If so, YOU WILL LOVE THIS PROGRAM !

Sugar Daddy/Mommy Program
Because I deserve ! Apply here if you want to contribute to my luxurious lifestyle ! Generous Sugar Daddies/Mommies gets my special attention.

Paypig/ATM/cashcow Humiliation Program
I will treat you like a shit that you are and laugh my ass off on my way to a bank ! Apply here, beg to become my paypig ! And beg well !

PTV Raise The Rate/Humiliation Game
With every PTV-mail I humiliate you more severely , and ofcourse everytime you pay even more for it. What a fucking pathetic loser idiot you must be for playing this all the way !!!

Pay per stroke/edge Program

Pay for the priveledge to stroke and edge, WANKER !

Financial Slavery Application
ONLY FOR SERIOUS APPLICANTS! This is real financial slavery. We will make a long term contract and arrangements that takes time and effort so don´t waste my precious time if you are not willing to commit to a program. Real financial slavery is often a fantasy of payslave, but only very few slaves actually has what it takes to live up to the fantasy. I know you want to, but is your want strong enough ?

If you have a financial slavery fantasy that I haven´t covered here yet you may send me a request and clearly descripe the fantasy. Be prepared for a pay per view reply, whether I am willing to sell your fantasy to you or not. (It takes time to read your request and YOU WILL ALWAYS PAY FOR MY TIME!)