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Perhaps you've thought you might
enjoy an erotic, hypnotic experience.

Perhaps you've seen the countless
ads with countless hypnotists,
and weren't quite sure where you
fit into the available mix.

Perhaps you've been intrigued,
but at times felt intimidated,
uncertain, maybe even afraid.

It's hard to know what you want,
if you don't know what is possible.

It is hard to know if what you want
is OK, if it looks like you are being
told who to be and what to expect and
nothing really fits who you are.

Perhaps you've called someone who has
said she is a hypnotist and felt that
the experience you had wasn't the
experience you wanted.
Perhaps you didn't feel hypnotized.

So many variables, and only one you.

I am a Certified Hypnotist who has
received most of her training "in the field,"
which means that I am aware of the variables
and I know how to use this awareness to focus on you.

While I am aware that there are many
types of fetishes and desires,
the type of hypnosis I excel at is
sensual and pleasurable.

While some may attach pleasure to pain
and call themselves sensual, I am of
a different mind.
I prefer only one
type of sensual pleasure and that is
one without pain
or humiliation
or degradation or
anything that is not
typically pleasurable without a filter
(or experience) that tells you it is pleasurable.
If that is your desire,
I understand, however, please understand
that I am not the right person for you
if that is the case.

I am a non judgmental person, but that
doesn't mean I am without judgment.
What that means is I will never judge
you for your interests and requests,
however that will not stop me from
judging my ability to participate in them,
or stop me from judging what may
happen to you as a result of my efforts.

I know that you may have desires and
they may even be *gasp* vanilla, and if
you do (LOL) and you want someone to
explore them with,
you may have just found that person.
While I do have
quite a delicious vanilla,
please know I also have other flavors to pick from as well. :)

Can I take your order?

I look forward to speaking with you.

PS Your first 5 minutes are on me, if
you email your request before calling.
Be patient.
All emails will be responded to.
If you hear nothing within 24 hours,
please check with me again.

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