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Goddess Seven

Hello Loser! $Dom/Goddess/Ignore line/Tease/Denial

Hello Loser, Photobucket

I'm your Goddess, Seven. Princess, Goddess, Mistress...They all work. But you know what works even better? Money, and lots of it! You can call and I will tell you how worthless you are, or we can just cut to the chase and you can send me a gift right now! That, of course, is what I would prefer. Hearing you whine is not really a big turn on to me, but your money is! I'm new to this site, but I'm not new to Financial Domination. I have left a trail of mass financial destruction in my wake and am ready to do some more damage =) So get your wallet out, hun.

(small token $100=mani pedi for me!)

($250-Kind Gesture. I'll take myself to dinner with this)

(Attention Getter $500=new shoes for me)

(Now we're talkin'$999 I'll put this to good use)

I'm a carefree, spending machine and I need a few new pets to support my habits. I have a nice car, great clothes, a beautiful home- all of which you might get the privilege of paying for. Photobucket I don't care if you have to sleep in your car, send me your money! I plan on taking a very nice vacation to Europe this summer and, yes, that's right you disgusting little pig, you are going to be paying for it! You and I both know that I am ENTITLED to your hard earned cash! As you rise each morning and drive to work, it's just for the pleasure of giving me all of your money...It feels better to give than to receive, doesn't it, piglet?

I can't wait to hear your pathetic voice, I'm going to laugh so hard at you! HAHAHA! Loser!

Shoes! I can't wait to have you worship me from head to toe.