Phone Sex

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Finance my decadent lifestyle!

It's true, At heart I'm really a vain spoiled princess here to use men for my own financial gain and to walk all over on my way to the top.

My lifestyle as a sex symbol isn't going to pay for itself, oh no. Which is where you come in, my little minions.

Sugar baby wants new shoes.. and handbags... and pretty sparkly jewelry.. and cocktails.. and expensive lingerie.. and luxurious fur coats.. and luxury italian cars... and nights out with the girls spending your money on our decadent partying lifestyle.

Botox and silicone are my tonics. You know you want me to make myself even prettier with a nip here and a tuck there. A spoiled little materialistic fashionista, that's what I am. Pumped full of plastic and adorned with bling!

Your money's not much good for anything else, you might as well spend it on me. Listen to me as I coax and cajole your pointlessly earned salary out of your bank account. Not pointless any more!

No, you're going to spend it on me to finance my decadent lifestyle!